Passages: Andi Shechter

Andi and Stu many years ago.
Andi in conference mode, as many people remember her.

The crime fiction world bowed its collective head on Monday at the passing Andi Shechter, one of its special matriarchs, a proud fan and book lover whose support for books and reading was legendary in her community. Though she most proudly identified herself as a fan, Shechter was a very solid writer in her own right and was a January Magazine reviewer for several years, prior to a health decline that often saw her hoping for her strength to return.

Since the passing of her beloved husband, award-winning illustrator Stu Shiffman in 2014, Shechter’s health had been declining.

Andi at the Women’s March in 2017. She carried the names of hundreds of people who could not attend.

On Facebook on Monday, there was an outpouring of grief on Andi’s personal page. SJ Rozan, Dale Furutani, Pat Cadigan, Laura Lippman, Naomi Hirahara were among those who shared their recollections and their grief.

So many of those who commented said they hoped that Andi and Stu would be united again. So many, also, sent wishes for Andi. I’ll echo the sentiment here: Andi, Rest in Joy. ◊

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