Non-Fiction: Surviving the Water Crisis by Jeff Foster

Surviving the Water Crisis

As though we don’t have enough to think about. Experts are warning about a water emergency heading in our direction. Sorry: can we please just handle one crisis at a time?

Jeff Foster is a retired healthcare specialist with a background in STEM-related fields and education. His new book, Surviving the Water Crisis: A Guide For People, Pets, Plants, And Planet Earth is an erudite compendium discussing the  dilemma of a water crisis, its impact on the economy and society, and how people can thrive amid the growing necessity and vexation.

Among other things, the book covers a water shortage affecting as many as half of the world’s population that has been forecast by the science community. It is predicted to reach its peak in less than three decades. It also pinpoints areas  most vulnerable to water issues as well as regions which are least likely to have problems based on current studies. It looks, also, at carcinogens and other contaminants frequently found in home water supplies as well as how to detect them and how dangerous pathogens can be spread long distances quickly by water and how to protect yourself, your family, and your community from water-borne diseases and much more including removing chemicals from your water, how to improve your health, well-being, and longevity with safe water and other important topics. ◊

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