Non-Fiction: Think Yourself Into Becoming a Language Learning Superstar by Betty Lou Leaver

Learning a language is difficult. Have you ever thought about why? You can spend hours and days memorizing words and conjugations and still be nowhere near fluency even years down the line. Why is it that languages seem to come easier to some people than others? How can you finally move beyond the basics?
Think Yourself Into Becoming a Language Learning Superstar: A Revolutionary Approach to Gaining Fluency in Any Language (MSI) makes new languages accessible to all students. Instead of focusing solely on strategies for reading, listening, writing and speaking in a new language, it dives deeper. The premise is that by focusing on who you are as an individual and how you learn, you will crack the code to becoming a language superstar. Readers learn: how health, exercise and sleep affect their ability to learn; how they can improve and maintain memories and how to identify cognitive distortions that are impeding their ability to learn, and so much more. ◊
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