Non-Fiction: The Trifecta of Joy by Tanya Gill

Tanya Gill is a registered social worker, speaker, podcaster, author, and life success coach who has helped many people transform their lives. In The Trifecta of Joy: Help Yourself in A World of Change, Gill brings readers her stories, and strategies for self-help. Gill refers to her book as the self-help book for people who know there must be more, want it now, and want it to be easy.

In The Trifecta of Joy Gill tries to show readers how to become more intentional, and gain a greater understanding of why you are who you are. She provides simple strategies to live joyously in the present, starting right now.

“The last few years have brought a lot of change for people. Too many are struggling with mental health, overall wellness, and their sense of place in the world right now.” Gill feels her system can help readers to create more clarity about their direction; strengthen their relationships; feel more control of their lives and experience harmony with all aspects of your life.

In The Trifecta of Joy Gill brings awareness to challenges and celebrations, inviting strategies to create more peace and ease, and talks about how to raise your vibration, so you are living a life with purpose, passion, and pleasure. ◊

You can buy a copy of The Trifecta of Joy here.


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