Non-Fiction: The 6-Step Leadership Challenge by Jim Saliba

At a time when the tech industry is being slammed with layoffs in mass numbers, Jim Saliba is helping leaders to navigate the recession with the ground-breaking strategies laid out in his new book, The 6-Step Leadership Challenge.

Saliba is a certified coach, trainer, and public speaker with over thirty years of experience in the leadership world. His began as a software engineer before being promoted to management in the IT industry, where he eventually became the VP of a four billion dollar technology company. Saliba says he worked tirelessly to gain the knowledge and experience to become a leader employees wanted to follow.

Just as The 6-Step Leadership Challenge: Six Steps in Six Months to Revolutionize Your Leadership at Any Level comes out, we are seeing mass layoffs throughout the tech industry, including Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, PayPal, and many more. Saliba says he feels that this is setting up the perfect storm for an economic recession.

“In the past year, we’ve seen over 200,000 layoffs in the tech industry, with 50,000 of those being in January alone,” Saliba says. “This isn’t surprising, due to the fact tech companies went on hiring sprees during the pandemic, coupled with the big hit to tech companies’ stock prices last year. Unfortunately, most of the young tech CEOs have never seen a recession during their adult lifetime, let alone during their time as leaders – meaning they are not adequately prepared for the challenges they face today and those they will face tomorrow.”

“What’s even worse is that while 77% of businesses report that leadership is lacking and 83% of businesses agree that leadership development is important at every level, only 5% of businesses are doing it,” he continues. “Even though the need for leadership development has never been more urgent, most leaders are left to their own resources to develop their leadership skills and styles.”

According to Saliba, the optimal way to address these shortfalls is to turn the traditional leadership training model on its head.

“Skills such as vision, strategic thinking, and executive presence need to take a back seat and make way for self-awareness and self-development,” Saliba states. “Without these two primary leadership skills, leaders will never be able to grow through economic and environmental changes that all companies experience.”

Saliba says that he has baked these features into The 6-Step Leadership Challenge. The book boasts an iterative and repetitive system of three critical phases, including:

Phase I: Emerge – taking in current inventory of the individual leader, leadership team or organization, including strengths/weakness, fears and behaviors, styles and skills, and engagement to the environment around them. This is an exploration of self-awareness.

Phase II: Elevate – design a development plan for the individual leader, leadership team or organization and use the LEAD Framework to:

• Lean into your own story – building a forward-looking vision and strategy

• Empower your story though execution

• Amplify your story by scaling up

• Define your story with executive presence

Phase II: Excel – build and execute a 30/60/90-day action plan with comments of each part of the LEAD framework containing measurable goals and objectives, complete with experiments and learning points.

Saliba says that, throughout his career, he has adopted a growth mindset and created an atmosphere where employees were encouraged to experiment and rewarded for their hard work. Mistakes were not seen as failures but rather as learning opportunities to make changes and improve.  ◊

You can buy the book here.

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