Non-Fiction: Breaking Free from the Inner Critic by Kalie Marino

Inner Critic

Breaking Free from the Inner Critic: The Underlying Causes of All Addictions and Social Problems sets out to illustrate how potent human consciousness is and how human awareness and innate strength can inspire and guide people to a place of healing and oneness.

Holistic and spiritual counselor Kalie Marino sets out to demonstrate that “the habit of being critical in everyday reality is a destructive addiction which is the underlying cause of all other addictions and is society’s most extraordinary demise.” Breaking Free from the Inner Critic provides readers with a new perspective on self-improvement and personal growth in order to defeat addictions fueled by individual and global self-sabotaging behaviors.

Marino explains that habitual criticism possesses the same characteristics as narcotics: habit-forming, mood-altering, and life-threatening. She illustrates that from the moment someone is born, human experiences derived from the environment ultimately program thoughts and beliefs. When an individual allows habitual criticism to consume their consciousness, it can lead to destructive behaviors and adversely affect mental and physical health. This, in turn, is what forms and fuels limiting beliefs within each member of society on a conscious and subconscious level.

Breaking Free from the Inner Critic aims to help reprogram the mind in breaking free from the vicious cycle of self-doubt and other limiting beliefs that people are often conditioned to believe are real. ◊

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