Mark Leiren-Young Brings Us A Whale of A Time

Mark Leiren-Young
Photo by Rayne Ellycrys Benu

Join award-winning author and journalist Mark Leiren-Young as he continues his quest to save the whales while educating us about them: and he does it all with so much style!

Join in today, May 1st, for a Covid-proof launch on Facebook.

Though the books that will be launched, as well as all of Leiren-Young’s work, are available at better book retailers everywhere. His voice is clear and his vision strong. If you love whales, you want to be certain to take part in the adventure he is creating.

This spring Leiren-Young launches Orcas of the Salish Sea and the accompanying board book Big Whales Small World — both from Orca Books. This duo joins Leiren-Young’s dynamic and beautiful Orcas Everywhere: the Mystery and History of Killer Whales, published by Orca Books last fall.

Orcas Everywhere is the anchoring book of the trio. From the publisher:

Orcas are found in every ocean on the planet. But can they survive their relationship with humans? Orcas Everywhere looks at how humans around the world (Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike) related to orcas in the past, how we relate to them now and what we can do to keep cetacean communities alive and thriving. The book deals with science, philosophy, environmentalism and ethics in a kid-friendly and accessible way. Writer, filmmaker and orca activist Mark Leiren-Young takes us back to when killer whales were considered monsters and examines how humans went from using orcas for target practice to nearly loving them to death. If you know a young person who loves Free Willy or Finding Nemo, they will fall in love with these whales.

Orcas Everywhere is rich, gorgeous and so complete. And it sets the stage for the two new whale-focused books out from Orca in the last few weeks.

Orcas of the Salish Sea looks at the famous and fragile J-Pod that the author has been actively involved in trying to save for the last several years. And for the ultra junior set, Big Whales Small World is a board book that offers the super junior set an up close peek at the amazing creatures.

And simply can’t get enough of whales? Check out Leiren-Young’s popular Orcas and Oceans podcast.

Looking for a bit of Leiren-Young sans whales? The author’s award-winning play, “Bar Mitzvah Boy,” was just released in book form this week. “It’s a two-hander comedy about faith that has been produced all over North America,” says the author. You can find it here.

Mark Leiren-Young is a Canadian playwright, author, journalist, screenwriter, filmmaker and performer. He is the author of the Stephen Leacock Award winning Never Shoot A Stampede Queen; The Killer Whale Who Changed the World and others. ◊

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