This Just In… Hush-Hush Holiday by Kirk Alex

Hush-Hush Holiday

Hush-Hush Holiday is the first book in the Doc Holiday Private Investigator Mysteries.

When hard up L.A. private investigator Edgar “Doc” Holiday learns that his ex-fiancé Candy Leigh Parker has gone missing he’s hesitant to get involved. Mixing business with matters of the heart as complicated as his isn’t worth it.

But then the first in a series of heinous murders take place and Doc is forced to revisit his dark past as he traces Candy’s last movements. What he discovers disturbs him: the Candy he once knew is a far cry from the troubled woman who has since disappeared.

As he weaves his way through a corrupt and twisted world of debauchery, Doc’s concern for his former flame intensifies. Those who might know something claim to know nothing, and it soon becomes clear that no one can be trusted. Now with a target on his back, Doc is next in the firing line. Can he find Candy before it’s too late? And does Candy even want to be found?

Hush-Hush Holiday is the first book in the heart-pounding Doc Holiday mystery series by the inimitable Kirk Alex. Perfect for crime thriller readers and fans of Jo Nesbo, Lee Child, Tana French, Sean Chercover and Derek Raymond.

You can order Hush-Hush Holiday here. See more books by Kirk Alex here. ◊


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