Graphic Novel: The Man in the Painter’s Room by Jamison Odone

The Man in the Painter's Room

The Man in the Painter’s Room is a graphic novel by Maryland-based author Jamison Odone that explores the final year of Van Gogh’s life, leading up to his suicide.

Carefully researched from first-hand accounts of those closest to him, the first graphic novel focuses on this part of the famous painter’s life.

The Man in the Painter’s Room is an interesting exploration of the last few months of Van Gogh’s life and finding light in the darkness,” says Brett Schenker of Graphic Policy, a comic review website. “[It] focuses on the end of Vincent Van Gogh’s life as he lived at the Ravoux Inn. There, he attempted to find peace while creating over 75 works of art in just three months.”

A 134-page color graphic novel The Man in the Painter’s Room is available now from Black Panel Press. Founded in 2017, Black Panel Press is an independent graphic novel publisher based in Toronto. The company publishes creator-owned graphic novels for adults, by artists from Europe, Asia, North and South America. ◊

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