Entering 2019, Crime Fiction in Hand

Today, January Magazine’s sister site, The Rap Sheet, rolls out an impressive—and altogether daunting—list of more than 325 new crime, mystery and thriller novels that readers should pay attention to over the next three months. Included among the selections are fresh releases by Charles Todd (The Black Ascot, January), Lyndsay Faye (The Paragon Hotel, January), Gerald Seymour (Battle Site Zero, January), Don Winslow (The Border, February), Jane Harper (The Lost Man, February), Bill Crider (That Old Scoundrel Death, Febuary), Jacqueline Winspear (The American Agent, March) and Abir Mukherjee (Smoke and Ashes, March).

That’s more books than any single reader is likely to tackle. But among the bunch should be novels (and a few interesting works of non-fiction) to attract every type of crime-fiction consumer. Even those, like the post’s author, who are finding it increasingly difficult to stuff additional books onto their already-crowded shelves.

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