Cookbooks: The Plant Based Air Fryer Cookbook by Paul Green

The Plant-Based Air Fryer Cookbook

Who says all the decadent foods have to be focused on animal flesh? There is so much more out there. Anyone who has ever enjoyed vegan cheeses can attest to that. But what about taking it still further? What about creating delicious decadent-feeling plant-based treats, that really aren’t terrible for you at all? That is the focus of The Plant Based Air Fryer Cookbook by Paul Green, who has alreaThe Plant-Based Air Fryer Cookbookdy delivered several vegan cookbooks that were terrific. This time out we’re focus on the delights of that relatively new invention, the air fryer.

Green begins with the care and feeding of the air fryer: how and where to use it. How to set it up, what it can do as well as some of the limitations of the device. Really, all about how to use it, and use it safely. Next the recipes, and they’re great. You need to want to be plant-focused to enjoy this food. Hush puppies, breaded mushrooms, breakfast burritos, onion rings, samosas, eggrolls and a whole love of other wonderful treats, in addition to a large number of salads that featured air-fried bits. There’s even a whole section of air-fryer desserts. (Fried Oreos, brownies, donuts, carrot cake, beignets and many more.

As Green writes in his introduction, “For anyone seeking to live a long and healthy life, eating healthy and organic foods in combination with an active lifestyle is crucial.” Imagine frying your way to better health. ◊


You can order the book here.

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