Cookbooks: Shake Shack Recipes and Stories
by Randy Garutti, Mark Rosati and Dorothy Kalins

Is it a comment on Shake Shack (the burger phenomenon) or Clarkson Potter (the publisher) that Shake Shack Recipes and Stories looks and feels so good despite a dodgy pedigree? That is to say that those who love Shake Shack love it completely, but let’s keep it real: it’s a burger place no matter how you apply the pickles. And yet this is a proper cookbook. With the elegance and completeness we have come to expect from Clarkson Potter. Shake Shack the book takes it to the next level, spilling all the secrets — kinda — and unloading the stuff we want to hear.

Of course, everyone wants the recipe for the Shake Shack secret sauce. And the authors don’t quite go there. But almost with a “close enough” version that really is. It’s mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, ketchup, kosher dill pickling brine, and cayenne pepper.

The book includes recipes for many menu items, and a few things that aren’t on the menu, like the chicken bites that aren’t there yet. More than 70 recipes, a lot of gorgeous photos and some lucid writing.

If Shake Shack is your jam, this is one you’ll enjoy. ◊

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