Cookbooks: Mushroom Growing and Medicinal Mushroom Books, 2-in-1 Collection by Kris Rowson

Mushrooms are amazing! I’ve always thought so. And if you’ve ever figured you knew a lot about them, do some reading and you’ll discover how little you know.

I have had a strong interest in edible mushrooms for many years and I know more than a little. I thought. But from the first moment reading Kris Rowsan’s Mushroom Growing and Medicinal Mushroom Books, 2-in-1 Collection and you discover how little you’ve discovered in the past.

For instance. Did you know that before there were trees on earth, there were giant tree-sized mushrooms? Did you know, it is thought that reindeer sometimes go out of their way to get stoned on mushrooms? And did you know that mushrooms are more closely related to humans than they are to plants? These interesting tidbits and so much more are included in Mushroom Growing and Medicinal Mushrooms. And that’s just on page one!

On growing mushrooms — an activity I have often heard is basically difficult or impossible (depending on who you’re talking to), Rowsan makes it sound very easy. Additionally, he explains it all in a logical way, beginning with the lifecycle of a mushroom — from spore to full fruited body and even to harvest — as well as all of the species that are considered to be suitable for home cultivation.

All aspects of cultivation are included in the book. To be honest, I have not yet tried it, but it is clear to me that if I wanted to grow my own mushrooms, I could not go wrong here. Not only that, but Rowsan makes it all sound very do-able.

And if you do manage to grow mushrooms — and even if you don’t — Rowsan tells us how best to free or dehydrate them. And as though that weren’t enough, he talks in-depth about mushrooms as medicine and then — a deluxe and unexpected bonus — a section on all of the edible mushrooms includes possible health benefits and even recipes.

If you have any kind of serious interest in mushrooms, you won’t go wrong with this one. It’s a terrific book. ◊

You can buy the book here.


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