In a society where children are exposed to every imaginable current issue, Sabinah Adewole’s poetry uses child-approved themes like rainbows, seaside, picnics, and unicorns, to connect to children in a way that supports the processing of current issues in a healthy way.

An easy-to-read and brightly colored format with open-ended questions inspires children to understand and process what is happening around them in a way that invites them to explore their role in it and recognize what impact they can create, all in a fun, light tone encouraging a willingness to learn and grow.

A Child’s Journey Through Poetry by Sabinah Adewole is shaping leaders of the future by instilling positive growth mindset through sharing basic life experience in an inquisitive and empowering way. If you, as a parent, guide, or teacher, have been struggling with how to effectively guide children through the complexities of today’s world, A Child’s Journey Through Poetry Vol. 1 book offers conversation starters that will allow you to engage and connect with them in a powerful way.

“I believe education is the best legacy,” says Adewole. “I am inspired by my faith to encourage children along their own path of growth and learning.” ◊

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