Review: Poster Child by Emily Rapp

June 14, 2007 admin 0

Today, in January Magazine’s biography section, contributing editor Andi Shechter looks at Poster Child by Emily Rapp. Says Shechter: It is difficult to develop empathy or sympathy for Rapp, even when she tells you that she was often the only female at the prosthetics office, talking only with far older men, often war veterans. No one there was her peer, no one had an understanding of her situation. She doesn’t seem to want any sympathy […]

Review: Julia Child by Laura Shapiro

May 8, 2007 admin 0

Today, in January Magazine’s biography section, Diane Leach reviews Penguin Lives: Julia Child by Laura Shapiro. Says Leach: Almost all foodies know some of the story … Child’s love affair with French food, and by extension, French life. Her training at Cordon Bleu, her pivotal friendships with Louise Bertholle and Simone Beck (Simca), relationships culminating in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, volumes that rescued American foodways from a wasteland of frozen stringbean casseroles. The […]

Review: Too Soon to Say Goodbye by Art Buchwald

March 28, 2007 admin 0

Today in January’s biography section, Mary Ward Menke considers Too Soon to Say Goodbye by Art Buchwald, published not long before the Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist passed away early this year. Buchwald was well aware of the challenge of writing a book about dying: death may be inevitable, but nobody wants to talk about it. He starts by explaining that the purpose of hospice is to make death easier for the dying person and their […]