Review: It’s In the Bag by Winifred Gallagher

April 12, 2007 admin 0

Today, in January’s art & culture section, Tracy Quan examines It’s In the Bag by Winifred Gallagher: Does carrying one of these grown-up security blankets make you a slave to fashion, or a more independent, mobile person? Gallagher engages sociologists, historians and, of course, bag designers, and comes up with some remarkable answers. Fashion historian Valerie Steele thinks women with multiple bags are practicing a form of serial monogamy, while a shoe collection is more […]

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Watch Your Marbles

January 24, 2007 admin 0

I don’t know how it happened that I missed noticing that Amy Sedaris had a book out almost before it was too late to report on it (yes that Amy Sedaris: brother of David and entertainment goddess in her own right). Meanwhile, Sedaris’ I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence (Warner Books, 2006) has been screaming up the charts. And it’s no surprise: the book is built on generous dollops of what appears to be […]

Gift Guide: Art & Culture

December 21, 2006 admin 0

January Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide 2006 concludes with selections of books focused on various aspects of art & culture. Suggestions in fiction are here. Children’s books are here. Non-fiction is here and cookbooks can be found here. You can see the lead item to this feature here. 24: Behind the Scenes by Jon Cassar (Insight Editions) 168 pagesI’m an addict. I am a 24 junkie. I have fallen prey to the endless loops of plot […]