Fiction: Captain Cooked by S.P. Grogan

June 21, 2022 admin 0

S.P. Grogan’s Captain Cooked tells the story of a young videographer, Madison Merlot Dayne, who is the field producer on her chef father’s traveling and popular television cooking show, “Insatiable Delights.” When she arrives on the Big Island of Hawai’i, she stumbles across the poisoning of a famous Hawaiian singer, and then finds herself in danger while trying to solve the murder as well as tasting the delicacies of the islands. Captain Cooked interweaves 22 […]

Stealing Our Attention Back

May 9, 2022 News Editor 0

In the beautifully conceived and executed “How Books Help Us Stop Living in the Shallows” in Thrive, Arianna Huffington takes the time to tell us how the electronic age is rewiring our brains: and not in a good way. Huffington writes that our “new way of taking in information is driving our inability to focus and reflect deeply because it’s also altering the underlying architecture in our brains.“ Asa result, as a culture, we’re reading […]

Art & Culture: Chakras for Beginners by Karen Nguyen

May 9, 2022 News Editor 0

If you have ever done yoga, it is likely you have heard about your chakras and not totally understood what was being discussed. The reader can come to Karen Nguyen’s Chakras for Beginners with only the most basic understanding of chakras, what is meant by “aligning” them and what can be done for (let’s just call it) ultimate chakra health. Nguyen takes the guesswork away. The subtitle of the book is: “A Complete Guide to […]


Non-Fiction: InnovateHERs: Why Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurial Women Rise to the Top

April 22, 2022 admin 0

Drawing on current research about how entrepreneurial traits and skills lead to success, InnovateHERs: Why Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurial Women Rise to the Top shares the stories of how 29 of today’s top performing women leaders in the for-profit, nonprofit and public sectors leveraged their entrepreneurial mindset to “do good” and “do well” in their careers. Authors Barbara “Bobbi” Kurshan, senior innovation advisor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, and Kathy Hurley, former executive […]

Art & Culture: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care: 25 Tools for Goddesses by Anna Pereira

February 7, 2022 admin 0

Google has seen over one billion searches a day related to wellness. Self-care for mental and emotional wellness as a daily practice is needed now more than ever. Helping those we love and ourselves with self-care practices is essential. “It’s been a tough couple of years. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually eroding,” says Anna Pereira, author of The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses. “Self-love, self-compassion, and self-care is a priority. We […]

Duke Ellington

Biography: Duke Ellington: the Notes the World Was Not Ready to Hear by Karen S. Barbera

February 1, 2022 admin 0

Karen Barbera and Randall Keith Horton were strangers who met on a train. A cordial conversation led to an eight-year collaboration to tell new and enlightening stories about Duke Ellington and to bring his forgotten masterpieces back to life. The results are concerts and Duke Ellington: the Notes the World Was Not Ready to Hear, which ends up being a biography of both Ellington and Horton focused on their unique relationship and the musical and […]

Art & Culture: Romanians and Hungarians by C. Sassu

January 31, 2022 admin 0

Romanians and Hungarians: Historical Premises by C. Sassu is published by the Center for Romanian Studies, an independent academic research institute, based in the United States. Their mission is to promote knowledge and understanding of Romanian history and culture in the world. Titles from the Center for Romanian Studies are published exclusively by Histria Books. Romanians and Hungarians have been linked throughout history since the Middle Ages. Both peoples have bravely fought to defend Christianity […]

World Happiness Week 2022

January 28, 2022 admin 0

There have probably been few times in history where a week dedicated to world happiness might be more welcome. Over six days in March, more than 160 speakers will talk to thousands of people in person, and potentially millions online, about how to get more happiness in their lives. World Happiness Fest 2022  runs from March 17th until the 22nd. It’s all about the exploration of solutions, tools, mindsets, best practices, insights, and experiences that […]

Biography: Bars for Days by Mic Nickels

January 20, 2022 admin 0

He was born Michael Ray Winick and had fate not stepped in, he would have had a comfortable, conventional and upper-middle class life as the son of a nice Jewish doctor and his wife. Then a nurse broke the rules and allowed 18-year-old Donna Lynn Winick to hold her baby before he was given up for adoption—and she never let him go. The journey from son of a single, teenaged mother to becoming a rapper, […]

Art & Culture: Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? Elon Musk & Nick Bostrom Think It’s Likely by Stephen Hawley Martin

January 18, 2022 admin 0

As though we don’t have enough to think about in 2022. A growing number of ridiculously smart people think that every human being on Earth — including you, including me — is likely living in a computer simulation. But like Neo in The Matrix, we just don’t know it. When Nick Bostrom, a Swedish-born professor at the University of Oxford, published a paper in 2003 that set forth this hypothesis, he sent shock waves through […]