Lee Child and Heather Martin

Reaching for Answers: Heather Martin Talks with Lee Child

November 3, 2020 Ali Karim 1

  In 2003, the World Crime and Mystery Convention known as Bouchercon was held in Las Vegas. Always a terrific event, I’m not the only one who thought that year was special. Lee Child was Toastmaster, and he was great at it. Just seven books into his Jack Reacher series, it was still relatively early in Child’s career and the event seemed to set the stage for all of the brilliance that was yet to […]

Crime Fiction: Cari Mora by Thomas Harris

May 21, 2019 J. Kingston Pierce 0

(Editor’s note: This review comes from Ali Karim, the chief British correspondent for The Rap Sheet and the assistant editor of Shots. He would like to thank Charlotte Bush, of Penguin Random House UK, for making sure he was given an early read of Cari Mora.) Despite this eagerly anticipated novel being unusually concise, as it would take no more than an afternoon curled up on a sofa to consume, it cannot properly be labeled […]

After Bird Box

January 22, 2019 Ali Karim 1

I enjoyed the Netflix Film Bird Box, even though the end was a little too neat for my liking. I discovered Bird Box was adapted from a debut novel by a young writer named Josh Malerman, released in 2004. It had missed my radar when it came out. It must have gotten lost in the slipstream of my life, lost amongst the activity at the time. As it turns out, Malerman is also an accomplished singer/songrwriter […]

Fiction: He  by John Connolly

September 7, 2017 admin 0

I am a lover of the vignette, the anecdote, the ability of the raconteur, that’s why I enjoy the company of writers. They often have interesting stories to tell; stories that promote thinking, provoke thought and examine the absurdity of existence. I sent the author John Connolly an e-mail letter of thanks for the sheer pleasure that I am experiencing listening to Audible’s unabridged edition of  Connolly’s latest novel, he. he is a heavily researched […]

Crime Fiction: Spycatcher/Spartan by Matthew Dunn

August 15, 2011 admin 0

Today in January Magazine’s crime fiction section, contributing editor Ali Karim reviews the book known as Spycatcher in the U.S. and Spartan in the U.K. Says Karim: There can be no doubt that the man who composed this novel is someone who has survived residency in the realm of modern espionage. Novels by people only claiming an inside track just try too hard. Dunn gives the reader the sense of being on the Titanic and […]

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007 to Go Digital

November 4, 2010 admin 0

These days, the discussions are not so much is if electronic books are going to take root and take hold. On a book-by-book basis, it’s really just a matter of when. Case in point, even good old 007, who some might expect to be moldering away somewhere by now, is getting a digital makeover: Amid all the talk about e-book publishing taking over from paper, and with some authors having turned evangelical on this topic, […]

Cover Version

May 9, 2010 admin 0

Over at The Rap Sheet, we often see posts about copycat book covers, and the issues of judging a book by its jacket. The Sunday Observer takes a look at the importance of book covers and how they translate internationally: What you are trying to get across on a cover is the essence of a book, quite an ambiguous thing,” says Nathan Burton, a British designer who created the striking cover for Ali Smith’s The […]

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Driven to Read

April 22, 2010 admin 0

As a strong advocate of literacy and bibliotherapy, even I have to admit to having limits as this story from the BBC indicates: A bus driver has been suspended after a passenger filmed him apparently reading while driving along a dual carriageway in Birmingham. The passenger, who wishes to remain anonymous, filmed the National Express West Midlands driver steering with his elbows while holding a small book. They said they took the footage after getting […]

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London Book Fair Opens Under the Volcano

April 19, 2010 admin 0

The London Book Fair gets underway at Earl’s Court today. This is an event I enjoy attending annually to gauge the state of publishing which has been suffering from the twin-pronged approach of economic and technological challenges. This year the Fair faces another problem: the ash falling over Europe from the Icelandic volcano that has cleared the skies of aircraft. Many people will be unable to attend the Fair due to the air-travel blackout, while […]

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The Best Unread Books of the Decade

December 18, 2009 admin 0

As many in the media present their lists featuring books that defined the decade, I often ponder upon the books that missed my radar. January Magazine will be unveiling its best of 2009 lists shortly. While sending my crime and thriller choices to Rap Sheet editor, J. Kingston Pierce, I pondered on the games fate and luck play in life. Many highly successful writers have often indicated that much of their success can be laid […]