Biography: Girl, Wasted by Brittany Taltos

Brittany Taltos, who appeared on Jersey Shore and The Bachelor Pad, releases her memoir, Girl, Wasted. The book exposes the grainy details of her alcohol addiction.

Girl, Wasted reveals specifics behind Taltos’ experiences with reality television. She describes alcohol’s influence on her decision-making throughout filming. In the chapter, “A Drunken Situation,” she discusses the truth behind her alcohol-fueled hookups with Mike the Situation. The following chapter, “Bachelor Pad Blackout,” examines her relationship with alcohol throughout filming the Bachelor Pad. She uses her rare opportunity to give the reader an exclusive look behind the scenes of reality TV as an alcoholic.

In Girl, Wasted, Taltos explores her steep decent into alcoholism. She feels that four years of consistent college partying programmed her brain to drink. The author paints a grisly picture of binge drinking and her desire to escape reality becomes her reality. Her extraordinary attempts to continue drinking despite blacking out every night, and 30 hospital stints, reveal the monstrous power of addiction.

Taltos is an advocate for breaking the stigma of addiction. She uses her blog and social media to generate dialogue surrounding mental illness. She speaks candidly about her struggles to help others overcome their own challenges. Her enthusiasm, compassion, and optimism characterize her life in sobriety. ◊

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