Bestselling Author Launches Magical Podcast

Witching Hour

Celebrity medium, Reality TV personality, “Good Witch,” and internationally bestselling author Patti Negri heads to the air waves in a new podcast on Dash Radio: “Witching Hour with Patti Negri.”

“Witching Hour with Patti Negri,” launched April 17 exclusively on the DASH Radio platform with wide release the following week on Anchor, Spotify, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Breaker, iTunes and all podcasting platforms.

Listeners tuning in weekly to “Witching Hour with Patti Negri,” can expect to hear amazing guests from all walks of life. They run the gamut from Catholic Priest Exorcists, to World famous Crime Reporters, Astrologers and everything in between. Confirmed guests for the podcast include: Father Sebastiaan Fangsmith and creator of the Endless Nights Vampire Balls, “The Girls Next Door” star, Playboy Playmate and paranormal investigator Bridget Marquardt, fellow Ghost Adventures cast mates Catholic Priest and Exorcist Bishop Bryan Oulette and Demonologist Darren Evans, Astrologer Kyle Thomas, former Miss USA, actress and model Shanna Moakler, and famed AP reporter Linda Deutsch. Included in every episode, Patti will share her exclusive “Magick Moment” segment where she guides her audience through “easy spells and exercises to help balance and empower day to day living while bringing joy.”

Negri’s podcast pulls from her vast body of paranormal work which began with her first séance at age eight, leading her ultimately to her reality TV experience, all underpinned by her international bestselling compendium, Old World Magick for the Modern World: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Balance, Empower, and Create a Life You Love. The book provides easy to use techniques that require no previous experience or changes to your belief system to shift your energy, your perception, and your outcomes to create the life you want.

Patti Negri was voted number one psychic, medium, trance medium, tarot reader, witch /magical practitioner, crystal and stone energy healer, and life coach in the world. She also won number one Intuitive Entertainer Occult Personality of the year and number one influential women in business. She has recently graced six magazine covers including: American Psychic & Medium, Art, Parapsychology and Mind Power, 4th Dimension and Stars Illustrated and has contributed or been a part of over 20 books, several of which are Amazon Bestsellers. ◊

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