A lot is needed to create a book worth reading. You require a strong voice yearning to tell a story with passion. It helps to have spent years mastering a craft, bringing it to the level of art. In many cases, piles of research are also needed. And either a big stack of paper and pens or a laptop that won’t talk back.

A less talked about requirement is the food, because it’s hungry work creating something wonderful, but we’ve looked at that before.

With all of that in mind, we decided it would be fun to talk to authors about what they indulge in while writing. And what, in the food department, gets them all the way home.

In our first “Authors on Snacks” we look at what debut author Sheena Kamal nibbles on while hard at work on her books.

Kamal’s first novel, The Lost Ones, is published July 25th by William Morrow and was published as Eyes Like Mine by Bonnier Zaffre in the UK back in February.


What do you snack on while writing?
Is coffee a snack? If so, coffee. Also peanuts.

Sheena Kamal

Do you consider your snacking to be mostly under control or mostly out of control?
Out of control, but I think it’s fine because, in my professional medical opinion*, you could do worse than coffee and peanuts.

*Not a medical expert in any way.

Tell us about your new book.
The Lost Ones is a dark suspense tale about a woman’s search for her missing daughter, one she gave up for adoption many years ago — and whom she isn’t sure she really wants to find. It’s set in the moody and atmospheric Pacific Northwest and was recently listed as a TIME magazine Thriller of the Summer and an iBooks Best Book of the Month



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