Authors on Snacks: Dietrich Kalteis

Does creativity have a taste? And, if it does, is it salty or sweet?

January Magazine’s “Authors on Snacks” is not meant to be a judgment. Rather it’s a personal Authors on Snackspeek at what some of our most beloved authors nibble on while pushing forward on their latest work.

This time out we chat with Dietrich Kalteis, an award-winning author of five novels and over fifty short stories. His latest novel, Zero Avenue, is newly released. Kirkus says: “Kalteis paints a down-and-dirty picture of a punk-rock scene fueled by drugs and marred by violence but buoyed by a heroine with plenty of faults and a grim determination to succeed.” His previous book, House of Blazes, recently won an Independent Publishers award for best historical fiction.

Kalteis’ award-winning debut novel, Ride the Lightning, was hailed as one of the best Vancouver crime novels. More than 40 of his short stories have been published internationally, and his screenplay Between Jobs was a finalist in the Los Angeles Screenplay Festival. He lives with his family in West Vancouver, BC.


What do you snack on while writing?
I don’t snack while writing, but the whole time I’m cranking out five hundred words or more, I’m thinking about it.

Do you consider your snacking to be mostly under control or mostly out of control?
I don’t allow myself to have control issues.

Latest book:
Zero Avenue (ECW Press)

Tell me about the book briefly:
Zero Avenue is a crime novel set to the cranking beat and amphetamine buzz of Vancouver’s early punk scene. ◊


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