Cookbook: Together: Memorable Meals Made Easy by Jamie Oliver

Together by Jamie Oliver
A new cookbook from chef, author and television cooking host Jamie Oliver delivers 130 recipes intended to take the stress out of cooking and entertaining. Oliver’s new book, Together: Memorable Meals Made Easy, is meant to focus on the simple pleasure of eating with family and friends after a long time spent apart,

The aim of Together is to minimize the time spent in the kitchen and to maximize the opportunity for the home chef to mingle with guests. Oliver has gathered 130 recipes with meal plans in every chapter that take the stress out of cooking and show how to focus on comfort, celebration, creating new memories and above all, sharing fantastic food.

“What we’ve been through, collectively,” writes Oliver, “is very unusual, and I think a lot of us have realized that perhaps we took some of life’s simple pleasures for granted. Being together is precious… And the joyful, amazing thing about food is that it can be anything you want it to be. It can nourish, sustain, help to heal, be fast or convenient, comforting, fun, surprising, or an adventure. But maybe, in its simplest form, it works as an excuse to bring the people you love together.” ◊


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