Art & Culture: Dakota and the American Dream by Sameer Garach

Inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Dakota and the American Dream (Mare Press) by Sameer Garach is set in modern times and takes aim at the classic idea of the American Dream in the context of Corporate America.

When ten-year-old Dakota becomes bored sitting next to his mother on a park bench, he drifts off into a dream reminiscent of the real world and populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures who echo the American people.

From a rudimentary perspective, the novella is about the trials and tribulations of growing up, or overweight, or old. But from another more complex perspective, it concerns ridiculous points of sharp humor, such as the rat race, racism in the workplace, the corporate ladder and hierarchy, office romance, the importance of golf in career success, happy hour and team-building exercises, age discrimination, the diversity of American dialects, and much more.

Sameer Garach was born in Houston in 1986 and earned a BA in Mathematics with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin. During graduate studies in quantitative finance, he developed a passion for writing and subsequently wrote his first novel, the financial thriller The Bull Option. ◊

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