Readers of our sister publication, The Rap Sheet, have long been enjoying J. Kingston Pierce’s ongoing series, “Copycat Covers.” In the series Pierce compares covers of books featuring mostly stock cover images, quite often usinScreen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.39.30 PMg the exact same image — or very similar ones — on very different books.

Pierce’s latest entry features two brand-new books: Think Wolf (Severn House) by Michael Gregorio and Rain Dog (Serpent’s Tail UK) by Adrian McKinty. The problem here is larger than usual, but someone needs to make up their mind: is the creature on the cover a wolf, as Gregorio’s book would indicate? If so, why is the very same image illustrating a cover that indicates it is a dog?

You can see this newest Copycat Cover story here. Or scroll through the whole lot of them here.

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