Crime Fiction: The Goodbye Coast by Joe Ide

February 12, 2022 J. Kingston Pierce 1

Let’s get one thing straight first: This is not “a Philip Marlowe novel.” Yes, that claim is made on the cover; and yes, there is a Los Angeles private eye in these pages bearing said moniker. But Joe Ide’s The Goodbye Coast (Mulholland) isn’t a Marlowe yarn in the same way as some other previous works of note. There is no intimate, first-person narration in these pages, and no indelible metaphors. Instead, this book imagines […]

Art & Culture: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care: 25 Tools for Goddesses by Anna Pereira

February 7, 2022 admin 0

Google has seen over one billion searches a day related to wellness. Self-care for mental and emotional wellness as a daily practice is needed now more than ever. Helping those we love and ourselves with self-care practices is essential. “It’s been a tough couple of years. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually eroding,” says Anna Pereira, author of The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses. “Self-love, self-compassion, and self-care is a priority. We […]

Duke Ellington

Biography: Duke Ellington: the Notes the World Was Not Ready to Hear by Karen S. Barbera

February 1, 2022 admin 0

Karen Barbera and Randall Keith Horton were strangers who met on a train. A cordial conversation led to an eight-year collaboration to tell new and enlightening stories about Duke Ellington and to bring his forgotten masterpieces back to life. The results are concerts and Duke Ellington: the Notes the World Was Not Ready to Hear, which ends up being a biography of both Ellington and Horton focused on their unique relationship and the musical and […]

Book Banning Booms: Reading Lists Grow

February 1, 2022 Linda L. Richards 0

If art stirs the heart enough to make some people afraid, it is art deserving of our attention. This simple thought has come up for me again and again over the last few weeks as I surfed through this latest — and ugliest — wave of book banning and burning in America. Not everyone agrees with me. For instance, experts have some pretty strong ideas about why it’s happening now. From the New York Times: […]