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Ona Russell author of Rule of Capture

Ona Russell’s latest novel brings 1928 Los Angeles to brilliant life in a mystery that tests her protagonist’s deepest beliefs and leads her to discover not only a killer, but a part of Los Angeles built on a terrible secret.


Ona Russell
Matt Bondurant

Matt Bondurant author of The Night Swimmer

Matt Bondurant is passionate about life, writing and open water. His second novel follows the hugely successful The Wettest County In the World, now a riveting film called Lawless


Charlotte Rogan author of The Lifeboat

Charlotte Rogan is a superb writer invested in spellbinding fiction, ethics and the natural world.


Charlotte Rogan

Dan Chaon author of Stay Awake
National Book Award finalist Dan Chaon talks about love, disconnect and his lack of anger and abandonment issues.

Dan Chaon

Hugh Brewster author of Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage
On the 100 year anniversary after the sinking of the Titanic, January Magazine chats with author and Titanic expert Hugh Brewster about some of the mysteries that still surround the “mother of all shipwrecks.”

 Hugh Brewster

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: A Chat With Jeff Kinney
It was like a rock concert. And at four o’clock sharp, the rock star emerges: Jeff Kinney, author of the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Justin Cronin author of The Passage
Justin Cronin’s high-concept post-apocalyptic thriller seems likely to be one of the top-selling books of the year. But for Cronin, it was mostly about learning how to “sustain third.”

Justin Cronin

Thomas H. Cook author of The Fate of Katherine Carr
You like puzzling out the solutions to mysteries? Then tackle this one: why isn’t American Thomas H. Cook one of the world’s biggest-selling authors?

Thomas H. Cook

Philippa Gregory author of The White Queen
Six novels after she swept us away with The Other Boleyn Girl, Philippa Gregory brings us The White Queen and the magnificent Plantagenet family.

Jennifer Weiner author of Best Friends Forever
Though Jennifer Weiner might wriggle under the appellation, if chick-lit has a champion purveyor, she looks like this.

Clea Simon author of Pardonable Lies
Mystery, music, nightclubs, animals in danger: on a certain level, it’s an unlikely combination, yet, somehow, in Clea Simon’s hands, it all works very well.

Denise Dietz author of Strangle A Loaf of Italian Bread
Though Strangle A Loaf of Italian Bread is Denise Dietz’s 14th novel, it is the fourth to feature diet club leader Ellie Bernstein who has replaced her eating habit with one for solving mysteries.

Kamran Pasha author of Mother of the Believers
Mother of the Believers works on all levels. A deeply entertaining fiction as well as a bridge to understanding a way of thought and life that will be at least somewhat foreign to many of the book’s readers. Has there ever been a better time for both of those things?

Gordon Aalborg author of Dining With Devils
Gordon Aalborg began his writing career as a reporter, columnist and bureau chief at The Edmonton Journal in his native Alberta, Canada, later reinventing himself as bestselling romance author, Victoria Gordon. In his newest books, though, romance isn’t the first thing on anyone’s mind.

C. E. Morgan author of All the Living
There is something very timely about C. E. Morgan’s debut novel, All the Living. She finds beauty and hope in spareness and poverty.

Jill Mansell author of An Offer You Can’t Refuse
While it’s possible you haven’t heard of Jill Mansell, that’s likely about to change. The Bristol-born author’s books have sold over three million copies in almost every place outside of North America.

Lisa Lutz author of Revenge of the Spellmans
Comparisons seem inevitable, at least in part because no one seems exactly sure what kind of books she writes.

Elizabeth Kelly author of Apologize, Apologize!
Elizabeth Kelly’s overnight sensation status need not come as a surprise: a magazine editor and award-winning journalist, Kelly has spent a lifetime wrangling words. That shows in her debut novel, Apologize, Apologize!

Alan Bradley author of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Born in Toronto and at home in Kelowna, British Columbia, Alan Bradley has written a novel as at home in the UK as crumpets… and tea.

Maria Semple author of This One Is Mine
Maria Semple says that This One Is Mine is “a modern-day Victorian novel about marriages and relationships in LA. It’s funny and serious and passionate and surprising.”

Marie-Louise Gay author of On the Road Again!
On the Road Again! is the second book author and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay has collaborated on with her husband, David Homel.

Natasha Cooper author of A Poisoned Mind
The international bestseller talks about her professional background, her interest in today’s economic uncertainties and what it is she finds so fascinating about the complex world of laws and lawsuits.

Natasha Cooper author of A Poisoned Mind

Laura Benedict author of Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts
The author of Isabella Moon and Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts talks about her inspirations, her process and just what led her to the writing life.

Diana Spechler author of By the Fire
The author of By the Fire talks about her inspirations, her desires and where she'd be now if she wasn't here.

Inger Ash Wolfe author of The Calling
When The Calling debuted early in 2008, some reviewers reacted with anger: just who was this mystery author whose identity was being kept such a big secret? January contributor Ali Karim gets no closer to an answer, but reveals some interesting tidbits along the way.

Tara Hanks author of The Mmmm Girl
The author of a fictional biography of the late, iconic Marilyn Monroe talks about what it’s like to spend some serious time in the shoes of a screen goddess.

William Conescu author of Being Written
The author of the fiercely inventive Being Written talks about what’s in store, slippery foods and the very best things about being a writer.

Sam Wyly author of 1,000 Dollars and an Idea
Sam Wyly’s story began in a tiny Louisiana town, from being dirt poor to becoming one of the nation’s most visionary businessmen.

Malena Lott author of Dating da Vinci
Malena Lott talks about her novel, Dating da Vinci, and other things close to her heart.

Mark Leiren-Young author of Never Shoot a Stampede Queen
A snapshot of screenwriter, playwright, performer and freelance journalist.

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