Thursday, June 07, 2007

Review: Heat by Bill Buford

Today, in January Magazine’s cookbook section (though it could have just as easily slotted into biography), Diane Leach looks at Heat by Bill Buford. Says Leach:
I learned many things from Bill Buford’s Heat. The first is that I could never cook professionally. The second is how to prepare polenta correctly. But let us begin with the first. Bill Buford arguably already led a life many would find enviable. Having started Granta magazine in the UK, he came to the United States and began working at The New Yorker, where he held the powerful post of fiction editor. But like many of us approaching middle age, he found himself longing to do something else. In his case, this something else was cooking for Mario Batali, he of Iron Chef, Molto Mario and a few dozen famous restaurants.
You can read Leach’s review here.

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