We do we love independent bookstores? Oh: let us count the ways! But writing for The Huffington Post, Red Hen Press managing editor Kate Gale nails it on a couple of fronts.

First of all, we begin with the need for possession:

My love affair with books began at libraries. Before I could afford to buy books, I could sit around in libraries and read them, carry them home, come back and get more. But if you love books, eventually you need to own some.

And then the crux of the matter. As we also always figured, book people are thinkers and thinkers like to hang around food for their brain.

That’s what independent bookstores still do in the world. They function as a place where thinkers like to hang out. If I were dating online, and thank God I’m not, my first question would be, “What’s your favorite bookstore?” That’s how I would know where we would meet to think about our lives.

The full piece is here.

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