Stephen King fans waiting anxiously to see the mini-series based on King’s 2009 novel, Under the Dome, had best expect riffs on the original.

Brian K. Vaughan, one of the show’s executive producers, says that King had given them “his blessing early on to expand the scope for the series.” From Entertainment Weekly:

“He told us, ‘Really use the book as a jumping off point. Use the characters, use the themes, but don’t be afraid to go to new places.’” said Vaughan. In fact, Vaughan joked that during one of King’s visits to the writer’s room, the author was “really supportive of some things we changed from his book which I thought he was going to stab me for.”

Under the Dome looks at life in a small American town that becomes inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by a giant, transparent dome.

The series will premiere June 24th and stars Mike Vogel (Pan Am, Clovefield), Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), and Rachelle Lefevre (A Gifted Man).

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