Does it sound like hubris? Okay, yes. Sorta. At least. And yet, the premise enchants. What are the top 10 non-fiction books of all time? Lifehack (of course) takes a stab.


Books are magical. They transport us to fabulous places and expose us to times–either past or future–that are unfamiliar and where possibilities are endless.


Yes, yes. But get to it, please!

And when they do… well, they’re right: these are among the top works of transformative non-fiction of all time. (Arguably. Clearly. This is not a topic to take on without argument.)

Most of these ten January Magazine has written about at one time or another over the years. Stephen King’s wonderful On Writing. Maya Angelou’s incomparable I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Art Spiegelman’s game-changing Maus. And others, equally arresting and important, written about lightly and listed here.


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