If you love graphic novels, chances are you’ve debated — alone or with friends — on what’s at the top of the list in the genre. Or, further still, what are the top ten graphic novels of all time?

All through June CBCs Canada Reads program celebrates the graphic novel with interviews, a look at how graphic novels can progress to film and — a CBC favorite — a month-long run at putting together a list of the top ten graphic novels of all time. Since, arguably, the form has been around for over 100 years, respondents will have their work cut out for them. You can follow the action here.

100 years? Editor’s note: I did say arguably, did I not? For instance, one could argue that the dark and skilled Max and Moritz, first published in Germany in 1865, was a graphic novel.

And in 2007, January Magazine contributing editor Lincoln Cho reviewed then-new Graphic Witness (Firefly), a stunning collection of four graphic novellas of a historical nature. You can see that review here.

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