Winner of the 2012 USA Best Book Award in the Historical Fiction e-book category.  

1965. London. Dr. Michael Turner receives a lawyer’s letter. Misty photographs — a three-year-old boy with long blond hair; a teenage girl full of hope; a woman in her 20s, faded dress, slim frame, hollow cheeks, haunted eyes.

Michael is drawn inexorably into his past. To the stench of potato-sacks, the perfume of almonds and cinnamon, the kiss of a fairy princess, the barking of dogs, the screech of trains, a woman tearing at his shirt, her wail of loss. Paris.

Delphine looks at her lost child and finally understands her courageous act of madness. Frankfurt. Franz watches television. Thick smoke rising from a brick chimney. No, not Auschwitz. A cremation. His cremation. Geneva. Vittorio entwines two silken puppets in a splaying of legs, a lifting of buttocks and weeps for his unfaithful wife. Hampstead. A journal spews thick torpid pitch as it hisses in the flames. The hissing turns to popping. The popping to crackling. The crackling to wailing. Ghosts are set free.

WARNING: This novel contains sexually explicit material

You can order Toxic Distortions here. Visit author Teddy Goldstein on the web here. ◊

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