The Founder’s Manual

The Founder’s Manual: A Guidebook for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur is based on author Ryan Frederick’s experiences creating products and starting companies, as well as advising and investing in companies over the past 25 years.

Ryan is now a Principal at the digital product and data consulting firm, AWH (, an angel investor, and speaker on being a Founder, creating software products, and starting companies. Ryan is also the Chairman of i.c.stars|*COLUMBUS a technical skills training program for under-employed adults and has been involved with Startup Grind, a global community to inspire, connect, and educate entrepreneurs.

The Founder’s Manual is divided into three sections: Founder FLOW, Product FLOW, and Startup FLOW. Ryan became interested in FLOW several years ago and began to think about how it applied to what he knew best…being a Founder, creating products, and building companies. He began to identify some of the principles identified in the book to help people increase the odds of being successful in all three areas.

FLOW is most often related to athletes performing at a high-level, when the athletes are said to be “In the zone.” Ryan believes that if startup Founders and others who are attempting to build new, disruptive products, like innovation leaders at large companies, better understood the principles associated to doing it well, new product creators can increase their performance and success just as athletes do when they are “In the zone.”

Ryan shares practical examples based his personal experiences building products and companies, as well those he has been fortunate to be able to witness as an advisor, mentor, service provider, or investor. The Founder’s Manual is intended to be a book startup Founders, product teams, and innovation leaders can leverage and take action based upon. The principles, although simple in nature, are often counter-intuitive and go against how we are wired as people. The book not only shines a light on the principles and their importance, but why they are important and how leveraging the principles will help increase the odds of personal, product, and company success.

You can order The Founder’s Manual here. Visit author Ryan Frederick on LinkedIn here. ◊


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