Kathryn Broch needs a vacation.

Between fronting a rock band, managing a complicated long-distance relationship, and casting spirits out of her younger brother, Kellan, she’s got a lot on her plate. She longs for quiet time at their cabin in Mount Iolite where the love of her life, and Kellan’s best friend, anticipates their return. But Kathryn’s path is never so easy.

Kellan is a spirit vessel who believes he’s meant to help all wayward entities—human or otherwise. Human souls seek the light, but darker spirits have a different agenda. Kathryn’s outcaster arsenal is well-stocked, and deeply loyal aids are ever at her side, but the ferocity of Kellan’s possessors grows. She needs more strength. In the darkness of a childhood memory, a massive power source waits for Kathryn, but reaching it will force her into the depths of her own fear.

A convergence of ley lines draws all manner of entities to tranquil Mount Iolite. Kathryn and Kellan go there to rest, but an old enemy gets wind of their return—and covets revenge on the outcaster. The Brochs’ peaceful sanctuary, and those they love the most, are mortally threatened. Will Kathryn gain the power she needs in time to save it all?

You can order Six of One here. Visit author DeAnna C. Zankich on the web here. ◊


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