Andrew Raynorr M.D. was forced from his practice by a managed care corporation. When he loses his family, his vengeance turns deadly. He creates a virus, one that causes the body’s own genes to unleash an explosive leukemia, and targets managed care executives.

Bridget Devereaux, a young intern at Chambers Hospital, suspects so516TgT8LOyL._UY250_mething is strange about the strain of leukemia they are seeing in recent admissions: it kills the patient within days. Though she finds no support for her suspicions within the upper echelons of hospital management, she researches the blood cancer and traces the catalyst back to Raynorr.

But Raynorr is aware Bridget has found him out, and now not only her career, but her very life is in jeopardy.

You can order Shattered here. Visit author John A. Karr on the web here. ◊


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