This Just In… Search for the Sunlight by Craig A. Thomson

The sunlight has mysteriously disappeared. The life saving tea crops have failed, and a cold grey fog has descended on the land.

The great forest is slowly dying. Can four naïve Treewoods (part tree and part human), and a smelly wizard cat called Brian, find the source of the trouble and save the Treewood nation from extinction? Find out as the travellers leave the safety of the forest and embark on an exciting, often dangerous, quest to look for both the missing sunlight and the old astronomer, who set off a hundred years before them and never returned.

Search for the Sunlight is a unique and lightly humorous adventure, packed full of peculiar characters and bizarre places. The story is aimed at both young adults and those of us who are struggling to grow up.

You can order Search for the Sunlight here. Visit author Craig A. Thomson on the web here. ◊


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