Why does Donna Karan of DKNY call Scott Sonnon “inspirational?” As a child, Sonnon had dyslexia so severe that he was forcibly institutionalized due to being perceived as unteachable.

Despite being told again and again that he would be a failure, Sonnon found inspiration in the advocacy of his mother, the wisdom of his grandfather and the writings of philosophers to become an overachiever: a five-time World Champion in martial arts, inventor, entrepreneur and Hall of Fame trainer.

His recent TEDx presentation went viral, inspiring tens of millions around the globe. Now Sonnon offers fellow dyslexics, parents and others inspiration from the lessons he learned the hard way.

A Mountain Stands: Confessions of a Suppressed Genius offers a convenient format that can be read one short chapter-lesson at a time, or as a traditional biography.

You can order A Mountain Stands here. Visit Scott Sonnon on the web here.

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