Literature: the Book, the Place and the Pen was written for teachers by teachers to encourage the teaching of literature in grades 4-12 and responding to it.

The goal was to encourage the beginning teacher and to reassure the experienced. Literature: the Book, the Place and the Pen is indispensable for home school students and their parents. Intended to encourage students to become prolific readers in all genres – short story, novel, non-fiction, folk and fairy tales, drama, poetry – to love reading and to become insightful thinkers and competent writers in various forms.

The book addresses National Language Arts Standards through its 12 chapters, each centered on various genres, together with tasks and forms of assessment. The text also includes suggested book titles, many with annotations, and a bibliography for the chapters on Shakespeare and poetry.

You can order Literature: the Book, the Place and the Pen here. Visit the authors on the web here. ◊


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