What would you risk to achieve your ambition?

Would you risk the lives of your family and colleagues to get out of a financial hole?

Would you risk all for the next big deal?

How far is too far?

Layers of Deception is a fast-paced international crime thriller filled with twists, turns and intrigue exposing conflicts between brothers, religion, gender, love, risk and greed.

This thriller starts off with a bang (quite literally!) and doesn’t slow down. The story follows a computer security firm trying to land a contract in Kuala Lumpur. The group gets involved in blackmail, extortion and gang activity when they expose the contract company’s dealings involving the dark web.

The startling discovery that will send their worlds spiraling and for some will end in deadly consequences!

Life as an IT business entrepreneur isn’t quite as simple as it seems…the constant battle between ambition and familial responsibility could cost the ultimate price. Every international salesman, entrepreneur, business development executive, business owner should read this!

You can order Layers of Deception here. Visit author Leo James on the web here. ◊


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