Amy Stuart is running away from her past, convinced that if she can put some distance between herself and the events that nearly destroyed her, she’ll be okay.

Distracted mid-flight, she gets caught up in the middle of a family saga involving a man and his young son. Now employed as their governess, Amy diverts her attention to uncovering the reasons for the strange dynamics in the household. But there are obstacles: rigid rules, fiercely guarded secrets, and a dangerous sense of evil that pervades.

Previously betrayed by her instincts, Amy wavers just long enough to let her quest for answers lead her to a point of no return. The more information she learns, the farther she actually gets from the truth. And yet, the people around her and their facades begin to crumble and expose themselves. Suddenly, her life is in as much danger as Dean and Bryson Wilde’s, and she has no choice but to see it through to the terrifying and deadly end.

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