This Just In… Figs, Vines and Roses by Joy M. Lilley

Figs, Vines & Roses follows the privileged life of the heroine Isabella and her brother Clarence. It meanders through their young lives, their adolescence and schooling, describing the joys and the dramas along the journey.

The huge divide between the wealthy and those living in poverty are discussed along with the vast differences existing between them.

The Merryweather family decide on a move from the Black country to the South of England and to Kent. It is here that Isabella falls deeply and secretively in love with a man who her family would consider a totally unsuitable partner.

Their lives become both complicated and tragic, Isabella against all the odds of a rich woman working, becomes a teacher and she continues to take the reader into her later life within this role.

You can order Figs, Vines and Roses here in the UK or here in the United States. Visit author Joy M. Lilley on the web here. ◊

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