Buried Secrets opens with the introduction of Shafik and his murder at Parliament House in Cape Town, South Africa. We then learn about Susie, a ghost who will sometimes help solve a little mystery. Shafik has died and there is a treasure left and it’s up to Sergeant VanBeeck and Shafik’s wife, Jesse,  to find it. The story then finds us at the kidnapping of Hanna. She finds herself tied up and beaten in a tin shack in the middle of nowhere. Will she get out in one piece to tell the tale? The story takes a turn when Nanna is tied to a chair and Jesse is being assaulted on a picnic. Hanna and her two best friends have to find a yellow envelope. Who tells them where it is? After finding more evidence Sergeant VanBeeck and Jesse find themselves in Cairo. What are they doing there and who do they see? The final chapter finds Jesse in shock while Sergeant VanBeek questions Jesse’s sanity.

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