A Simple Life

Meet 35-year-old Paul Williams. Divorced. Unassertive. Trying his best to live a simple and stress-free life. If only it were that easy. He lives on his scruffy plywood yacht moored in Davison’s Dyke on the Norfolk Broads while teaching at the local college. It’s the cheapest and most isolated moorings in the village with zero facilities.

Paying the mortgage for his ex-matrimonial home and maintenance for his much-loved four-year-old son, Ben, means even Paul’s simple life is a challenge. But even that is the least of his worries. Because Paul’s simple life has started to fall apart. His job is under threat and so is access to his high IQ son, the centre of his world. To add further fuel to the fire, two local criminals are tempting him (the most unlikely criminal ever) to become embroiled in running his boat from the Netherlands to Norfolk.

As his turmoil escalates, he’s left with two options: Stay and fight. Or snatch his son and run.

You can order A Simple Life here. Visit Philip Corridan on Goodreads here.

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