Third Time Lucky for <i>True Detective</i>?

Just about everybody loved True Detective. So it’s great news that it might be coming back. From Deadline Hollywood:

A third season of True Detective had been gestating for two years now. In January, HBO president of programming Casey Bloys indicated that he was “hopeful” about a third installment because Pizzolatto was “closing in on an idea that he was excited about.”

The first season of True Detective was very well received, landing a slew of awards wins and nominations, triggering a swift renewal and a quick-turnaround second installment, which drew mixed reaction from critics and fans.

[David] Milch, whose potential involvement in True Detective was first reported by EW [Entertainment Weekly], had been under overall deals at HBO for a decade or so, creating series Deadwood, John from Cincinnati and Luck. He recently had been working on another long-gestating project at the network, a Deadwood movie, but as of January, there had been no movement on that, with no script yet.

The full story is here.

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