The countdown has begun on The Rap Sheet’s contest to win a free signed and numbered copy of the about-to-be-released book Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing.

Rap Sheet editor J. Kingston Pierce makes the whole thing sound probably easier than it is. “To enter, simply send us one clever Leonard-related five-line limerick. You might incorporate into that doggerel the titles of Leonard’s novels or the names of his characters, or perhaps one or two of the 10 rules of writing that this crime novelist comments more fully on in his forthcoming book. But it’s not essential.”

With your limericks all happily written, e-mail them to Pierce at by midnight tonight. Write “Elmore Leonard Contest” in the subject line.

As Pierce writes in The Rap Sheet today, “If you haven’t already submitted your Leonard-related five-line limerick, and hope to do so, you had better get crackin.’ Those things aren’t going to write themselves.”

The contest winner will be announced on The Rap Sheet this coming Tuesday.

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