It used to be you knew you’d arrived when someone crafted an action figure in your likeness. These days it seems you’re more likely to end up fighting foes in comic book form.

Prior to the U.S. presidential inauguration last January, Marvel Comics made history when then-President-Elect Obama helped sell out the edition of Spider-Man in which he appeared.

Now Washington State-based Bluewater Productions reports that the Sarah Palin version of their Female Force comics series has sold out and sales of the version starring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are not far behind. From CNN:

The first two issues in Female Force, already released, feature Clinton and Palin. The next two will feature Caroline Kennedy and First Lady Michelle Obama.

The Michelle Obama comic is expected to be released in April, and has pre-sold 28,000 copies.

The next set will feature other “strong, independent women” such as Princess Diana, [Bluewater executive vice-president] Schultz said.

Though the idea of famously bulimic and insecure late Princess Diana as a “strong, independent women” seems a little bit disingenuous, one could see where, in a market where comics featuring women are doing well, one based on her life should bring interest.

Again from CNN:

“I think it just says, like, that women are important,” one comic book fan told CNN.

The full piece is here.

In related news (well, it’s comics) the first Superman comic book recently sold for $317,200 in an Internet auction. That story is here.

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