First Oprah starts hawking chicken when you and I know she really should be out there selling books. Then Britain’s previously breathtakingly successful Richard and Judy Show has its plug pulled after one too many bad decisions, though the duo have said they will continue their book club, which has been phenomenally popular.

The celebrated Richard and Judy Book Club — a regular segment of their television show which is reportedly responsible for generating a quarter of all book sales in Britain — is to survive however.

“Although we won’t do another studio-based talk show after this, we will definitely do something with the Book Club,” said Madeley.

“Probably a weekly show on a terrestrial channel. It would be mad for the Book Club not to continue.”

The couple, who have been married for 22 years, are planning to do a documentary series together and both are currently working on novels.

Of course they are. The Daily Mail piece quoted is here.

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