Review: <i>Turtle Valley</i> by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Today, in January Magazine’s fiction section, contributing editor Cherie Thiessen reviews Turtle Valley by Gail Anderson-Dargatz. Says Thiessen:

… in Anderson-Dargatz’s fictional world that evil is never stamped out, remaining indelibly to stain space and haunt its victims. The reader hopes that the raging forest fire has been heaven-sent to finally raze the earth so that new growth can flourish here, hopefully in time for Kat. She has already made several wrong choices in her life, beginning with a youthful affair with a married man that resulted in a miscarriage, and then rebounding way too quickly into a rushed marriage.

Disaster continues to dog her: her husband, Ezra, suffers a debilitating stroke that renders him unable to work, and thrusts her unwillingly into the role of nursemaid, the last thing Kat needs as they already have a young child, Jeremy, who, not surprisingly, has to act out himself in order to get the attention he needs.

The full review is here. You can read January’s 2003 interview with Anderson-Dargatz here.

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