Review:  <i>Ibiza Style</i> by Ingrid Rasmussen and Chloe Grimshaw

Today, in January Magazine’s art & culture section, contributing editor Aaron Blanton goes over the moon for Ibiza Style by Ingrid Rasmussen and Chloe Grimshaw. Blanton says:

Rasmussen and Grimshaw have succeeded brilliantly. I may be completely under their spell — and though I detest a rave as much as a rant — I simply can’t imagine the person who would not enjoy spending time with Ibiza Style, it so fulfils at every level. Those with a curiosity about Ibiza — the would-be armchair traveler, for instance, or the reader who thinks they might like to journey there at some point themselves — will enjoy the Rasmussen and Grimshaw’s casual insider glimpse. This is, after all, no one’s idea of a travel guide. However, brilliant color photos and well-crafted text give us a very solid look into how Ibiza lives now.

The complete review is here.

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